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Anxiety Just after Sex Is common — Here’s What you should do

Anxiety Just after Sex Is common — Here’s What you should do

Maybe you got an excellent, consensual sex, and escort callgirls Kusnacht you also believed great to start with. Then again, because you lay there afterward, your wouldn’t stop worrying all about exactly what only taken place, exactly what it required, otherwise what was planning happen 2nd.

Or your sensed stressed regarding something was a student in zero ways regarding the fresh sex you only got, but for certain reasoning, which had been your entire attention wished to remember.

Then, one which just understood it, the anxiety completely annexed the moment plus viewpoint have been racing. Maybe you also got an anxiety attck.

Post-sex anxiety is actually a bona-fide matter which can be in reality very preferred. People of all genders might be influenced by it.

Post-coital dysphoria (PCD) – also known as postcoital tristesse (PCT) – is a condition that may cause emotions from despair, anxiety, and weeping once intercourse. it may cause ideas out-of nervousness.

When you find yourself search on this can be a bit restricted, it can connect with one gender otherwise sexual orientation. it may be fairly well-known.

Whenever you are sense PCD, you might be stressed, sad, otherwise a mix of both. You could potentially feel something else at different occuring times, too.


When you yourself have sex, a number of different hormonal rise via your looks, as well as dopamine and oxytocin.