The Faculty of Archeology has aspirations and policies to build academic excellence, particularly in archeology, art history, anthropology, local history, oriental and western languages, in order to contribute expertise, bring benefits to society and to meet the needs of both public and private external agencies who value art and culture as national heritage.

The Academic Services and Research Center for Cultural Heritage and Archaeology was thus launched to collect, develop, promote, convey and integrate the Faculty’s knowledge and innovation, aiming for the international acknowledgement and the benefit of external agencies and public.


  1. To promote academic services and development including research at the Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, to advance social development and sustainable communities, in response to the university’s mission.
  2. To establish a system for academic services and research at the Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, in order to provide an efficient support with agility and to obtain international standards.
  3. To act as a coordinator and center of academic information, presenting the Faculty’s innovation and capability as benefits for both public and private sectors, promoting art and culture preservation and providing community access for lifelong learning.
  4. To seek and support academic service budget funds for the Faculty of Archeology, Silpakorn University